Insider Tips: The Seller's Guide

Selling a home involves many steps that can take a week to months and can be overwhelming -- where do you start? 

Find the right listing agent 
Working with the right agent who understands your families needs is the most important step. It's so important that you feel comfortable with the agent you've chosen, given the amount of time you will spend together. 
Is your house even ready to list?
Walk through your home with your agent and note the things that could be updated (outdated appliances, old carpet, etc). We will give you advice on what repairs make sense and recommend any updates that will help your home sell for more. Instead of renovating a bathroom, perhaps just update the light fixtures. 
Photography is key
Most home buyers search for homes online before even stepping foot in them so photos are your first impression. Comiskey Realty offers free professional photos to all of its clients! What a perk! 
Pick the right price 
Setting the right price for your home is crucial in the success of the sale. We will work with you to determine your home's estimated value based on recent home sales in the area and pick a price that everyone is comfortable with. We will also provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which shows the list and final sale prices for homes in your area. Based on the CMA, you will be able to determine your idea timeline and pricing strategy. 
Time to list!
When we list your home, we will add it to the market on a Thursday or Friday and hold an open house that weekend. Now you can relax and let us do our job! 
Review Offers 
Once you receive an offer (or two, or three!) we will help you choose what makes the most sense for you and make a counter offer to ensure you're maximizing your value. Remember that we will negotiate for you throughout the entire process. 
Complete the closing documents 
Once you have accepted the offer, its time to start the closing process. You will will work with your Agent, lender and title or escrow company to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership to the buyer. As the seller you will also pay the real estate commission to both your agent and the buyers agent. The typical total commission is 6%.
Once you officially sign the papers, it's time to hand over the keys and CELEBRATE!  

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