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Get Pre-Approval & See What You Can Afford
There is a lot of competition when it comes to home buying - especially in Austin! Use our Mortgage Calculator to see what you can afford and begin doing some online research on our site, where all listings are updated in real time. Being pre-approved for a loan is almost a requirement these days when making an offer on a home. Reach out to your local banks and complete a loan application with a credit check prior to thinking seriously about making an offer. 
Do Some Online Research
What neighborhood do you want to live in? Create a list of absolute musts and what is not completely necessary including a price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and location, location, location! . 
Find a Real Estate Agent
The search process can be fun and difficult. Make sure you work with someone who you don't mind spending time with and can keep you updated in real time as prices drop and listings hit the market. Remember that the buyer doesn't pay a real estate fee so working with someone professional is to your advantage. Now the hunt is on! . 
Make An Offer
Make sure that your contract is simple, clean and not bogged down with unnecessary contingencies, especially repairs. There is always time to take a look at those necessities during inspection after your offer has been accepted. The cleaner your offer, the more interested the seller will be. Remember that this is their home and they want it going to someone who will love it and take good care of it! . 
Inspect the Home
An inspection identifies the existing structural, electrical, plumbing or other issues with the home. After the inspection, you can try to negotiate repairs or a lower price with the seller.. 
Time to sign on the dotted line and pop the champagne. This home is yours!. 

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